NZ - Lively Living | New Zealand - Ultrasonic Aroma diffusers / vaporisers and 100% pure and certified organic essential oils
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Introducing Lively Living

Aromatherapy Diffusers & 100% Certified Organic Essential Oils


Begin your Aromatherapy journey  with our  beautiful collection of 100% pure & certified organic essential oils and Ultrasonic Diffusers.


Offering the most advanced and efficient way to diffuse essential oils, our Ultrasonic Diffusers also offer 5 in 1 multi functions.
Using advanced Ultrasonic technology, Lively Livings range of diffusers vibrate water molecules, producing a fine, light weight vapour which is dispersed into your environment. As no heat is used this is a very safe method of receiving the benefits from your essential oils.


With the touch of a button, transform your environment and delight your senses!  Our diffusers incorporate a patented auto switch off for when the water level is low.  No heat! No condensation! Just a beautiful blend of cool mist, aroma, and lighting.


Cutting edge technology, coupled with pioneering manufacturing and world class designers, has allowed the Lively Living Ultrasonic Diffusers to be recognised as leaders in their field. For more detailed information on the ‘five-in-one multi functions’ of our diffusers, & our Certified Organic Essential Oil’s, please refer to the following pages…



This Diffuser/Vaporiser is inspired by the captivating beauty and aroma of flowers in ‘Bloom’. Flowers offer a special beauty & have a wonderful positive effect on us.

200ml water capacity, up to 8hrs continuous, 18hrs intermittent



The Aroma-O’mm ultrasonic diffuser is created with ‘real bamboo’ It is perfect for anyone seeking a ‘natural eco’ feel whilst diffusing essential oils.

100ml water capacity, up to 6hrs continuous, 10hrs intermittent



With a softly coloured & slightly transparent outer shell, the colour changing lights easily pass through, creating an ambient glow.

80ml water capacity, up to 3.5hrs continuous, 6hrs intermittent

Essential Oils


We understand that most people appreciate the benefits of essential oils, yet are not experts in aromatherapy. Lively Living have taken the guess work out for you with our blends. All of our essential oils including our single essential oil range have been hand picked with specific purposes & experiences in mind.