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Lively Living aims to develop lasting ethical business relationships with retailers.

Applications for new retailers and stockists are invited.


If you are looking for your local stockist, of course we would love to help you too! Please simply email us your location to
(or call 0412 521 118) and advise us on which products you are interested in, and we will be sure to get back to you asap!


Our products have wide appeal, and are suited to a wide wholesale customer base including quality Health & Wellbeing stores, Specialty Aromatherapy Stores,  Pharmacies, Spas, Gift Stores and Childrens/Babies stores. Plus we have a fantastic small team of essential oil consultants whom can offer personalised consultations to you and a group of friends during a in-home workshop.

Our Essential Oils have been crafted by a gifted and passionate team whom genuinely care. Our ultrasonic diffusers are world class and make heads turn! Together they  make a very inviting, worthwhile and yet simple product range to offer your customers.


Are you eligible to register ?

To qualify as a stockist,  you are first required to supply us with your full name, business details, address and contact details including a day time telephone number.


Please also let us know  as much as possible about your business, other products you may sell, how you will be retailing the products and perhaps how you came across Lively Living to begin with! We love to work with business’s whom would also love to retail our products in a passionate way.  We also love that ALL our stockists have success with our products, and their customers appreciate them being available to them.



Once approved we will send you relevant product and pricing information. Please send us a email via the email address below with the subject of “Wholesale Registration”, with the information requested as above.

Please click onto this link to send an email regarding Wholesale registration, thank you in advance for your enquiry, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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